About us

"Chronos - Praecision" as producer patriotic valuables for lovers of tradition, the army, military service, also sport's clubs ect., has been existing in Poland since 1991.

The Firm makes widespread work in metal.

The political changes in Poland entiled return to deep historical traditions in the Polish Army. The result was that the detachments (small or big) in spite of united regulations were "little homelands" for soliders and their commanders. Now, they are proud of the squad, quarter place and local traditions.

The Polish Army is opened to cultural trends from the West. There are many foreign logos and ornamental pectoral plates from friendly squads and regiments in offices, conference - rooms and traditional - rooms. These original political and cultural conditions have great influence on "Chronos - Praecision" production. Unusual present (made up by goldsmithery - founding technology) - may be e.g. banners in miniature, under which awarded officer served "X" years. Our firm provides sport funs need.

We can honour every sportsman by: medal, souvenir, letter with congratulations etc. Different sport clubs orders in our firm: logos, badges or medals commemorating important events. We broke with tradition and do not make the medals in sad color of the cast.

On particular Customers' desires we sell our goods in exclusive cases. Our valuables - thanks to color enamels - can render the charm of the regiment or club colors. The valuables attract the sight!

They are worth your money!